Our Vision

A New You was created out of a necessity the partners felt was needed in dentistry and more importantly in dental private practice.


Here For The Smaller Practitioner

Corporate entities have really commandeered the profession and have created a powerful piece of dental history as of late. This piece in dentistry has also made clear divisions in advantages and benefits for those involved in corporate dentistry as far as buying power and group discounts on many everyday needs.

A New You is here to help the smaller practitioner and that which does not care to sell out their control to the bigger DSOs or corporate dentistry. The need was there in order for these solo or small group practitioners to compete and survive in this ever-changing dental climate.
By forging an ever-increasing membership, coupled with the best discounts available to dentists on equipment and supplies, medical, dental billing, health insurance, malpractice insurance, & best of all is access to world class education.

The education team being assembled is by far the best in the country. The years of educational experience among this group is by far second to none. A dentist can now be in position to become enrolled in a sequential series of training and education courses that are synergistic with each other. They will have a continuity of evolution, without being scattered as there is currently in the training market field. Our Directors of education and services have a combined 100+ years of experience in developing highly trained doctors and dentists across many fields. This championship caliber team is available to our members, and all in one place.

Below is a list of what we offer. Find where you will benefit and contact us today!

Membership does have its benefits.
Become the envy amongst your peers with secrets very few know about. For example:

It's Advantageous
to Become A Member

By forming strategic partnerships with dentists and pairing them up logically with education, marketing, billing, training, equipment and supplies bought correctly and at VIP discounted pricing, the entire program is a win for all involved. 

Tremendous Savings

Unlock cooperative buying power

World Class

Educational opportunities

Insider Products

State-of-the-art medical hardware

Surgical Centers

Fully equipped and certified

Staffing Assistance

Temporary and permanent

Affiliated Services

Save hundreds on company services

Podcast: Directly from the Founders of A New You - an Introduction to the Program

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